Automation of unpredictable tasks by integrating data’s context and human psychology in AI.

Data is the new oil… But oil with bad refining is useless!

Yet most companies continue not to fully exploit this new oil using only statistics and probabilities.

Cleverm8 is a frugal and human-centric approach to AI

Diffentiative AI as-a-service platform for developer teams
to process singularities and deal with unpredictable tasks automatically.

data ai cleverm8 psychology

The Consultant

Processing singular or unexpected data using the same thinking mechanism whilst adapting to the specifics automatically.

The Investigator

Detecting a user’s personality traits, adherence, and attitudes in a specific situation.

The Dispatcher (soon)

Multicategorization: pushing open source algorithms' categorization way further (up to x30) by automatically converting data, dealing with uncertainty, variety or absence of data.

Parsy (soon)

Spotting 'stereotypes': detecting information regarding a specific context by level of importance. For instance, words related to a certain topic


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